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MONDAY -                                 

     Tiny Novice 5-6pm

     Half Season Strykers 5:45-7:15pm (Starting Nov. 7th)

     Half Season Renegades 7-8:30pm (Starting Nov 7th)

     Elite (Full Season) L1 Tumbling 6-7pm

     Elite (Full Season) L2/3 Tumbling 7-8pm

TUESDAY -                                   

     Elite (Full Season) Recon 5:15-7:15pm

     Elite (Full Season) Aviators 7:15-9pm

WEDNESDAY -                           

      Daytime Playtime 9-11am

      High School Tumbling (ages 13-18) 3:30-4:30pm

      Elite (Full Season) Recon 5-7pm

      Elite (Full Season) Aviators 7-9pm


THURSDAY -                              

      Beginner Tumbling Class 6-7pm

      Intermediate Tumbling (Back Handsprings and Tucks) 7-8pm

FRIDAY -                                     

      Open Gym 6-8pm (Starts October 14th)


      Elite (Full Season) Recon 9-11am                           

      L6 Stunt Black Widows 11am-12pm

      Tumbling 12-1pm

      Various Clinics and Camps (Check the Events page)

SUNDAY -                                   

      All Star 101 11am-12pm

      Novice Torpedoes 10-11am (Starting November 6)

COMING SOON on Saturday Early Evenings and Sunday Afternoons, BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!

Are you ready to become part of our MCA family?

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