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Our Rec Cheer program is a ton of fun. We’re currently in our 4th season but this is our first season with a Rec Cheer program. The Rec Cheer Program offers a unique opportunity to learn basic stunting, jumps, dance, tumbling, and perform all skills in an action-packed 2 minute routine. Our sport is unique in that everyone plays a vital role on the team and no one sits on the bench! The Rec Cheer Program is open to ages 7-12. 

**This is a program and requires a commitment for the entire span of the program.**

For Season 5 we will be adding a FULL SEASON Rec team.  This program will be perfect for kids that have been in mini football programs and want to further their skills!  CLICK HERE to fill out the Season 5 interest form so you don't miss a thing!

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