28 Days
For $29

Step 1:  Choose A Group Program


Our tumbling program is the perfect place to start if you’re looking for something fun and challenging for your child. Our athletes work at their own pace and individual skill level during our beginner classes. Our safety-certified instructors teach by using drills and spotted skills. The goal is to have fun and teach new skills. Our athletes are always encouraged to set personal goals and work with coaches and independently to achieve those goals.

28 Days
For $29


This is the perfect class for new students who aren’t sure what program they want to focus on. This class is available to boys and girls, ages 5-12 years. Our focus is to turn your child’s energy into ambition as he or she learns the basics. We’ll rotate every four weeks through the following areas: Tumbling, Gymnastics, Ninja Warrior, and Strength & Conditioning Class. This fun 30-minute class is not progression based – but entirely focused on FUN!

College Cheer 101


So you want to cheer in college?  We've spoken to some college coaches and gotten the insight of what they need their athletes to have prior to starting their season as a college cheerleader.  These classes run on a 4 week rotation, with each month building on the first, and will include stunting, tumbling, proper use of signs, cheers and crowd leading.

Don't wait to start, there's lots to learn before you head to college and tumbling can take years to obtain.  Call us now!


All Star 101

All Star 101 is an 12 week introduction to all star cheerleading these classes run in 12 week sessions year round and are not eligible for the New Member Special. Your athlete will learn motions, jumps, stunts, and a high tempo dance that they will perform for you at the last class of the session. A t-shirt and a bow are included with your tuition! 

STEP: 2  Get The Schedule